Chimonanthus praecox


Commonly called Wintersweet it is a must for the winter garden. It is a large shrub growing slowly to 10 – 15 feet with 3 inch green leaves. It is a great plant for the edges of the garden where it can provide backdrop for spring and summer perennials but come January and February it is covered in butter yellow, sweetly fragrant flowers and on a sill day the perfume will fill your garden. Native to Japan and China.

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I have used a laundry line for most of my life to dry clothes throughout the spring, summer and fall and I just love it. There is nothing that even compares to the way the sun and wind make your clothes and bedding feel and smell.

So I encourage you to use these winter months to find a space in your garden to put up a clothesline. That way when the first sunny days in spring arrive you will be ready.

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Keep Your Plants Cozy

When the weather gets cold plants can desiccate due to freezing temperatures and drying winds. Broadleaf evergreens are most susceptible to this. The best way to protect them is to make sure the root ball is damp and then tuck them in at night with an old sheet or burlap sack. I do this for my Daphne odora and Clematis armandii on especially cold nights that are accompanied by heavy north winds. A small amount of protection goes a long way in saving those special plants during a cold snap.


Daphne odora